13 June 2016

03 June 2016

The Sun, The Moon

The light in St Ives is special and looking out towards the edge of our planet has always excited and confused me in equal measure, the primal and the intellectual struggling for control. The scale of things becomes apparent, large masses moving around each other, making things grow, pushing and pulling the oceans. 

We are very small.

08 April 2016


I've been walking slowly. I want to notice the texture of the city, the history in it's surface. It becomes a meditation on material construction, bringing the background slowly into focus. The brick is part of our human history used to shelter us for thousands of years. Cities in the North West seem to be expanding upwards and outwards rapidly at the moment, which can be exciting. I hope that we manage to conserve the best bits from every era rather than pulling older buildings down and throwing up new, larger ones in a generic international style. 

It might sound hugely optimistic but I'd like creativity not just money to shape our built environment. 

31 March 2016

29 March 2016

Wind Swept


28 March 2016

Acid Lovers

Like hydrangeas, camellias remind me of grandmothers and the past. I think of them as typically British, a staple English garden flower, but just like the hydrangea they originate in Asia. Whether you realise it or not you probably have some camellia in your home. Tea is made from the camellia leaf, another cultural link between Asia and Britain. They need an acid soil to thrive, so a low pH and they put on a good exhibition of colour at the beginning of spring, helping us emerge from the short days of winter. These pictures were made in the Camellia House at The Yorkshire Sculpture Park on the day the clocks went forward, a pocket of beauty within a whole garment of visual stimulation. 

18 March 2016

Beautiful Clumsy

Lack of sleep, dreams lingering into real life, real life flowing into dreams. The city seems to be a beautiful, clumsy series of shapes and colours. 

24 February 2016

Looking Back Whilst Looking Forward

I've been asked to contribute some of my Horizon work to a group exhibition opening this week at PS Mirabel. The images were made between 2010 and 2012 and having to look back and select some images for the show has been an interesting experience. I've been reflecting on my ideas and working methods from that time and considering how some aspects have changed, whilst some themes remain constant in my current work. 

This is what I wrote at the time:

For me standing looking out to sea has the same potential as going to an airport or train station, there is the possibility of going somewhere. It is a threshold to the exotic, the start of a journey. I use photography to explore the relationship we have with our surroundings, interested in transitional spaces, thresholds between places. It is a sensual shock to see little but sky and saltwater, separated by a graphic line, the horizon. It is almost too much to comprehend and causes a physical and mental reaction. I didn’t realise for a while but these photographs also stem from my awareness of the passing of time and how we all consider at some point or another what lies on our own personal and collective horizons. These images are both landscape and portrait pictures. There is in fact a double landscape – the natural one, out of focus and distant, but also the landscape of the back of the subject. What is not shown is as important as what is, the two dimensional photograph means the viewer is left to fill in the gaps, you can't turn it around to understand, to see the eyes, the face, the soul.

You can see the exhibition at PS Mirabel Gallery, 14-20 Mirabel Street, Manchester, M3 1PJ from Saturday 27th feb until 13th April 2016, with a Private view on Thursday evening 25th February 2016 (6-9). 

This exhibition explores photography as a narrative, transitional activity exploring a sense of place through landscape or states of change through objects and alternative modes of presentation. The exhibition includes work by the following photographers, designers and artists using photography.

Ian Beesley
Ben Graville
Craig Atkinson
Sarah Eyre
Agathe Jacquillat
Tomi Vollrausches
Marc Provins 
Anna White
Stephen King
Dana Ariel
Mario Popham
Roxana Allison & Pablo Allison
Sandra Ratkovic 
Evan Wood
Kieran Boswell
Radoslav Daskalov
Jenny Karling
Caroline Barker
Jack Doyle
Richard Ward
Michele Friswell
Mark Adams

Curated by Mark Adams

21 February 2016


The periodical arrives unsolicited through my letterbox and the light arrives unpredictably through my window, brought together on the floor of my home.

Styling, colour and my home remain constants in my work. I have experimented with using found printed material in my images before, most completely in a small set called Nest:


18 February 2016


I've been toying with some new ideas over the last couple of months but had no time to explore them. So today I started. 

Magazines keep coming through my letterbox for someone who lived in this space before me, they are quite specialist. I usually recycle them but today I opened one, they are interesting and I like how they are photographed. I started to tear pages out and photograph them in the strong winter light streaming in through the window. I wonder what she did with them? It probably wasn't this.